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Homegrown Healing was founded on the belief that healing starts at home, with you. Healing is found in the mundane, in the every day routines and rituals. It’s in the self-care practices that support your mind and body, as simple as the nourishing cup of tea that begins your day or the relaxing bath before bedtime. It’s deep within your relationship with yourself and the relationships you have with your family, partners, friends, and community. It’s the spaces you inhabit: physical, mental, and emotional. It’s stretching, moving, breathing, journaling, meditating, eating, sleeping. It’s nurturing your energy and tending to your own wellbeing in myriad little ways.

My role at Homegrown Healing is to help promote balance and facilitate healing in your body, mind, and spirit through a variety of holistic wellness modalities, including energy healing, yoga, breathwork, and meditation. My work is rooted in a thorough understanding of subtle body energetics, so I recognize that there are many different access points to healing. No matter what we choose to focus on, we’ll spend some time refining your self-care practices, enabling the impact of our work to extend beyond the confines of our session to make shifts in the rest of your life. By supporting your unique healing journey, my hope is that together, we can empower you to connect with a deep sense of wellbeing, at home and wherever you go. 

- Lindsay Tauscher, HTP, RYT 200


Upcoming Workshops


Follow the Energy:
Self-Care for Stressful Times

november 18, 2017

Energy healing offers us simple yet profound tools for self-care, which can bring us greater balance in body, mind and spirit. On this new moon day, come set your intention for the next lunar cycle and learn how energy healing techniques can support you during this intense time of year. 

Yoga for Holiday Stress relief
December 9, 2017

The holidays can be full of joy, but the “busyness” of the season can also contribute to a sense of stress and even lead to burnout. In this workshop, students will learn how to prevent and heal from burnout using the tools of yoga, including gentle asana, meditation, pranayama, and mantra.

Align and Refine: Foundations of Flow Yoga
January 14, 2018

New to yoga and overwhelmed by the movement cues? Or, have some experience, but feel like you're missing key elements of common poses and transitions? This all-levels, beginner-friendly workshop explores the mechanics and alignment of fundamental Vinyasa yoga poses and sequences.

Lindsay is one of the most conscientious, kind, sensitive healers that I have ever spent time with. I’ve mentored in this field for close to 8 years and rare is the practitioner who comes to this work with more grace, beauty, and power as Lindsay does. She is an effective, clear conduit for universal energies and an intentional guide that brings the alchemy of skills in yoga, breathwork, meditation, and also a deep well of talent in energy medicine to your sessions. You will not find a more capable and beautiful supporter of your journey back home.
— Amelia Vogler, 2017

Healing Services

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My primary energetic modality is called Healing Touch, which is a form of energy healing where the client relaxes on a massage table, fully clothed, and I use my hands to clear energetic congestion and imbalances from their energy field. By restoring balance in the energy system, I am able to help facilitate healing on whatever level the client needs—whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  


Each yoga practice is personal and thus unique. Private yoga lessons tailored to your specific needs and interests can help make significant shifts that allow you to truly refine and deepen your practice. Whether you are a brand-new beginner, seasoned practitioner, or a "sometimes yogi," working together one-on-one offer can be beneficial on many levels. 

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Meditation and breathwork (known to yoga practitioners as “pranayama”) are two of the simplest and most common mindfulness practices, yet they can have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. While both are featured prominently in most yoga lessons, I also offer sessions dedicated specifically to guided meditation and breathwork. 

Group Yoga Classes

As a yoga teacher, I strive to cultivate a safe, supportive environment, encouraging students to develop body awareness and challenge themselves, while also empowering them to make mistakes and honor their own needs. My classes blend flowing movement with precise, anatomically-informed alignment, guided meditation, and mindful breathing.




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